Guardian Service

Guardian Service


  • Guardian ServiceAfter obtaining a notarized power of attorney from students’ parent, we provide notarized custodian certificate.
  • A welcome letter will be e-mailed to students and parents, accompanied by local guides and cultural presentation and adaptation and our contact information.
  • We will be responsible for communicating with the Department of Education and the International Students Office, understanding students’ learning progress, attendance, discipline and other matters, and we will attend all parents meetings convened by the Department of Education. During meetings, the custodian will provide translation services.
  • Students’ performance in all aspects raised by Department of Education will be forwarded by e-mail or telephone to the Advisory agency and parents for instructions.
  • Students are encouraged to make full use of educational resources, and confirmed their class on and complete the job properly.
  • Ensure that students at home (as in the host family) always have adult supervision and management in order to help students learn.
  • After each study the briefing and communicating with the host families, the report that provides relevant information will be forward to the agency and parents.
  • E-mail or telephone communication with agency and parents of any emergency and provide students’ health and medical information on time.
  • Timely confirm the validity of students’ study permits, and provide effective information to the international student office on time.
  • Inform students about local security and law and order situation. When urged students to use public transport to pay attention to security issues, including public transportation, adult-only entertainment places, local emergency help, dial 911 etc.
  • Visits and be aware of students’ accommodation, and express our independent advice to parents and educational institutions to ensure that students achieve living conditions and eating local general standard of living. If conflicts take place between homestay and students,, we will serve as a middleman and report to the educational institution if necessary.

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