College Application Service

College Application Service

1. Dorset College
Founded in 1981, Dorset College has a long history and one of the larger private colleges in Vancouver. Dorset College offers a number of University Transfer program to ensure students can transfer to more than public universities in Canada. Dorset College is a good education choice for international students and local students.

University Transfer:
Dorset College and many famous public universities signed an agreement to race more students choose undergraduate and master's programs. Partner universities include: Acadia University, the University of the House, Cape Breton University and other public universities.

Project Quality:
Dorset College offers the following educational program:
University Transfer program: students completed sophomore one or two courses at Dorset College, and then they can become a junior in partner universities by transferring. Partner universities include: Acadia University, the University of the House, Cape Breton University.
Transfer into the British Columbia Institute of Professional Project (BCIT) courses including aircraft maintenance, vehicle maintenance and airport management course curriculum
Academic preparatory courses
Pre-Masters Diploma (PGSA)

Qualified teachers and staff:
Dorset College has a dedicated and caring faculty. All Dorset College teachers have advanced degrees; almost all have at least a master's or doctorate. Dorset Staff College provides students with semester and individual counseling to help students achieve their goals. The staff can use multiple languages, including: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Tagalog.

Student Services:
Dorset College provides students with excellent services include: airport pick-up, accommodation family arrangements, freshmen orientation camp student visa renew.

Scholarships and funding schemes:
Dorset College issued at least 30 scholarships to qualified students each year. In addition, domestic students (including permanent residency students) can apply for student loans. Dorset College also provides off-campus jobs, helping students to accumulate social experience.

Vice-school activities and elective:
In addition to the regular courses, each semester Dorset College offers free elective courses, such as TOEFL, French, Cantonese, dance and so on. Students can also arrange activities on their own. School staff will give the necessary assistance.


2. Coquitlam College (Coqutilam College)
Coquitlam College was founded in 1982, , one of Canada's 32 accredited college by the Government of British Columbia, UBC and SFU specified college for the first year or two credit transfer programs;
All courses can be transferred to universities in Canada and the United States. Each semester, students have the opportunity to take the exam multiple times in order to achieve the desired results. Midterm and final exams are normal.
School teachers are highly qualified and experienced. All teachers of high school courses and English language courses, vocational teachers are in possession of a certificate by the British Columbia College of Teachers branch or independent institutions in British Columbia Department of Education issued. All teachers in university courses, are in possession of a master's or doctoral degree;
Coquitlam College offers teaching in small classes, average class size of 20 students;
the costs of University College is 50% of other university costs.
The student advisers of Coquitlam College are multilingual. They are prepared to help answering any questions about student’s living and learning (such as enrollment and choice of employment, orientation, etc.).;
Coquitlam College students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities, such as camping with skiing. They understand the value of teamwork while enjoying the fun.

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