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BC Provincial Public High School

1.Vancouver School Board
It has a large number of high schools, with high rankings.
Enrollment rate ranked the first in BC, the highest acceptable rate of scholarships in BC.
Accept students over the age of 18
Every school has an enrollment consultant to help international students.
School has lots of staff to help freshmen in more than 10 different languages.

2. Coquitlam (School District43)
BC education department has been rating School district 43 the best school districts
School District 43 is the third largest district in BC with a total of 71 schools and 30,001 thousand students. Their communities are safe and prosperous, friendly and welcoming to international students.
The district has more than 55 years of academic and research achievements in tradition and new high-tech schools that offer excellent facilities, Global Communications and get a lot of provincial curriculum.
Students in these districts are offered provincial scholarships.
High school diploma is eligible for all of Canada and the United States Universities.
Most of the schools graduates go to universities for further educations.

3. Abbotsford Board of Education (School District34)
Abbotsford School District is located in the Fraser Mountains, 80 kilometers from Vancouver, from the United States border is only a 15 minute drive.
Abbotsford EDB provide a good language environment, international courses and excellent accommodation arrangements for international students from around the world.
The school district has 31 elementary schools, eight junior high school, seven high schools, it is one of the largest school district in BC.
Schools in BC provincial exams are top ranking.
Schools offer IB and AP courses for international students.
EDB near University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford (Fraser Valley University), and has a very good relationship with the university to help students successfully enroll in the university after graduation.

4. Delta School Board (School District37)
Located in Delta, BC, 30 minutes from the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Airport is a 20-minute drive away.
Delta few foreigners, 95% are Caucasian. It is a good place to learn English.
It has 26 and seven junior high school, a total of more than 18,000 students.
Most schools offer music, movies aspects of the curriculum or dance, theater equipment.
Each school is equipped with a special tutor to provide advisory services and elective studies guide for international students.
It has an excellent level of teaching and very high graduation rate.
Graduate school district also successfully entered the world famous universities and colleges.
It has a scenic waterfront, golf courses and parks.

5. Richmond School Board (School Distri38)
the district has a large community of Chinese residents and more life-friendly.
Schools have Chinese-speaking teachers, which helps students to in early stages.
The school has English, French and bilingual environment, students learn can a second foreign language in addition to English.
This district has excellent teachers and teaching environment. All teachers have the Canadian government teacher's license.
Grades 8-12 accepting international students apply for admission to secondary schools.
Secondary schools offer academic, business, arts and information technology courses.

6. Burnaby School Board (School District41)
this district offers the most comprehensive, visual and performing arts courses in BC, including drama, fine arts and media arts . It is one of Canada's largest public school districts, with a large number of AP courses.
It is located in the center of the BC area, the location is very convenient Mertztown, and the largest shopping mall is located here.
Simon Fraser University, (SFU), and BC University of Technology (BCIT) are also located in this city. Douglas College (Douglas), and Langara College (Langara) are also nearby.

7. Victoria School Board (School District61)
International student ratio is less than 3%, in this district.
There is a wide range of options locale good curriculum, each school has its own strengths
It is located in the "Garden City" Victoria BC provincial cit. it has beautiful scenery, good public order the school district a total of seven high schools, 10 junior high schools, to accept international students enrolled aged 12-18, and provide quality education.
Victorian Department of Education has a lower proportion of international students, which makes it more conducive for students to improve their language ability.
Victoria School District accepts most Chinese junior high school course credit without repetition.

8. The Surrey School Board (School District 36)
this district offers twice a year enrollment period.
BC's largest public school, Canada's fifth-largest campus
The district provides a wide range of diverse support services in the cultural, academic, etc.
Under the jurisdiction, more than one school offer French immersion programs for students
schools have well-equipped modern facilities, such as computers, library science laboratories, art studios, and other vocational training room and gym.
The district locates in the west coast of Canada, a thirty-minute drive to Vancouver downtown, and two hours to Washington state.
Surrey International Students Department of Education in each school is placed among local students in the class, which ensures that they learn the language of the environment.
International students can fully enjoy the city's sports and activities carried out in the world-class sports facilities. They can enjoy art, music, theater and dance performances in the local performing arts venues.

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