The course will help students learn the social life in Canada, and get the comprehensive ability of English. All courses are taught by experienced teachers, combined with advanced multimedia educational technology, and organizational English salon and a variety of extracurricular activities to help students integrate into the local community.

The course helps students learn history, geography, logos and democratic government in Canada, and master the information in "Discover Canada". Meanwhile, the course will demonstrate some immigration officials often ask the questions as exercise, to help students correct their English grammar. To help students get more confident and more relaxed in the interview.

By using of books, paintings and a variety of other ways, causing children's interest in books, reading and writing. Develop good reading habits can make a good foundation for their future as well as the ability to learn good reading habits.

The course is taught by experienced teachers. To help students accumulate essence sentence, improve the skill of using advanced grammar. To help students rapidly complete the outline. By teaching different sentence structure, students will get English expression methods and thinking skills. Combined with some practice, enhance the level and recognize the link between paragraphs.

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